About Means Wealth Management

At Means Wealth Management, advisors and clients develop enduring long-term relationships rooted in trust, transparency, and friendship. Serving a select group of individuals, businesses, and institutions, we pride ourselves on an unprecedented degree of personalized service and results-driven strategies.

Our History

Founded in Maine in 1935, Means is among the oldest, most respected independent investment firms in South Carolina. David G. Means built this company on an unshakeable foundation of principled patience, honest integrity, and warm, personal service.

His philosophy continues to shape our actions today, even as we apply them to modern financial solutions. He believed deeply in fundamental analysis, diversification of risk, careful contrarianism, and prudent buy-and-hold practices.

In his own words:

One should not overreact to good news or bad news. If you study the management of a company, the industry in which it is a part, historical statistics, use your good common sense and be patient, more times than not you will be bountifully rewarded.

He didn’t only champion time-tested investment strategies. He also built strong, trusting relationships with clients. For over eight decades, Means Wealth Management has continued to provide exceptional service to our community.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Means abides by a strict fiduciary duty to always act in a client’s best interests. Honest, caring, and warm, the Means team believes in making every client feel understood and appreciated.

Our clients are never a number. They’re caring parents, accomplished business owners, community leaders, and lifelong friends. Speak with our friendly staff today to learn more and get started. Contact us to get in touch.