Our Promise

Honest advisors tell the truth when asked, but transparent advisors tell the truth before being asked. At MEANS WEALTH, we pride ourselves on a tradition of transparency.

The Department of Labor (DOL) released new rules holding all financial advisors who work with retirement plans to a fiduciary standard: this means they must act in a client’s best interest and transparently disclose all fees and conflicts.

While many advisors scramble to catch up, MEANS WEALTH has maintained even higher standards of transparency and stewardship for years. We adhere to the IMCA Code of Professional Standards and the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code—in fact, we are one of two firms domiciled in Maine that claims such compliance.

Here’s what this higher standard means to clients like you, and how we’ve already gone above and beyond the DOL’s standards:

  • We will always act with independence and objectivity
  • We will always act in a professional, ethical manner
  • We will always act with skill, competence, and diligence
  • We will always communicate with you promptly and accurately

That means that you can have confidence that we’re not just acting in your best interest: we’re serving you with a moral compass, an objective vision, a responsive touch, and a tradition of transparency.

Other advisory firms may have to overhaul their operations, but not here: at MEANS WEALTH, we’ve been acting in accordance with—and exceeding—these regulations for quite some time.

Means Wealth claims compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute.