Financial and Retirement Planning Services

Each of the aspects of your financial life is deeply interconnected. Your planning services should be, too. These elements work best when they work together from investment strategies to financial, retirement, and estate planning. At Means Wealth Management, our advisors carefully consider your interests in crafting a comprehensive, cohesive plan for you to achieve the goals most important to you.

No matter your future financial needs, the path to that future needs to be sustainable. Small investments contributed periodically over a longer period of time can grow into a very healthy retirement. The power of compounding returns over the course of even just 20 years can be incredible. At Means Wealth Management, we take a holistic view of your finances to provide detailed solutions suited to your life, not just your goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to building a solid foundation for your legacy. Whether that legacy is to be carried on by future generations or by organizations, estate planning allows for a smooth transition of assets in a tax-efficient manner during a difficult time. Estate plans can vary in complexity, but the underpinning of any solid estate plan must consist of three pillars:


Even the simplest estate plan begins with this essential legal document. No matter your age or the size of your asset base, it will give direction on where and how your assets will be divided and distributed after your passing.

Advance Health Care Directive

This document guides actions and decision making in the event you cannot due to illness or incapacity.

Financial Power of Attorney

This document designates the person you appoint as able to make financial decisions on your behalf.

A carefully considered, well-constructed estate plan guides your impact after your passing.  We here at Means Wealth Management understand that every client’s path is unique and encourage you to contact us to discuss your legacy’s unique needs.  

Strategic Insurance

Strategic Insurance and risk mitigation is an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan.  It is more than just protecting your financial assets. Insurance is peace of mind which comes from:

  • Property insurance to protect your summer home on the coast of South Carolina.
  • Long-term care insurance to protect your finances from life’s unexpected events.
  • Life insurance to maximize the impact of your legacy in years to come.

Just as financial goals can vary greatly from one person to the next, insurance needs are also highly varied. Whether those needs include Property, Long-term Care, or Life Insurance, Means Wealth Management will work with you to design a customized insurance strategy that aligns with your unique financial goals.


Strategic charitable contributions impact more than just the receiving organization. A detailed philanthropic plan can provide avenues to decrease tax liabilities while increasing support to the causes which matter most to you through:

  • Volunteerism
  • Planned giving
  • Gifting of appreciated securities
  • Charitable gift annuities

The burden of executing a philanthropy plan can seem overwhelming, having a team of highly trained professionals to guide you can make all the difference. Means Wealth Management understands that both charitable giving and tax situations are particular to the individual. We will partner with you to provide a strategy tailored to your specific needs.